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      I'm planning to start-up a business as a Sole Proprietor.
My idea is to create a T-shirt brand by printing the designs made by me, over the blank T-shirts manufactured by the third party and selling them to the customers through online.

I understand that I will have to pay VAT and CST, as my business involves reselling goods and inter-state sales. I'm from Chennai; my total investment would be less than 2 lacs and expected revenue generated would be less than 5 lacs per annum in the initial years.

I have few queries which I have mentioned below:
1. Should I opt for GST as a single entity for paying tax, instead of VAT and CST?

2. When should I register for VAT and CST - after making my first sale or before the commencement of my business or after the manufacturing but before the first sale (i.e. indirectly after the start of my business) ?

3. What other requirements are needed to start this business as a sole proprietor, like current bank account, registration under shop establishment, etc... ?

4. Is current bank account compulsory or could I manage with my savings bank account for the transactions?

5. Should I register for Brand name before start of the business or after my first sale?

6. What are the pricing for all the registrations - Quotation?

7. What is the time period required? like when should I start registration and when could I start my business? because I'm planning to start the business in the next 15 days.

8. what are the documents required? Also the PAN should be in the firm name or the proprietor's name?
Asked 1 year ago in VAT from Chennai, Tamil Nadu
a) Generally, VAT & CST is pre requirement of online dealers through whom the sale is made to end customer.
b) For registration details, you need to contact concerned person who deals in the VAT of your state.
c) Current account is recommended in case of Sole proprietor, however not necessary.
d) You can register you brand (Trademark) at anytime.

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