• Can I file tax return for AY 2018 -2019 now

How to file tax return for AY 2018-2019 now
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No. Not until you receive any notice from income tax or if you have a refund to be claimed you can write a letter to CIT and get his permission.


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No it is time barred now 

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The income tax department allows taxpayers to file returns post deadline in some specific cases. The following ways helps you file a condonation of delay request:


a. Request the Income Tax Commissioner or the prescribed authority to permit you file income tax returns and state the reason for missing the deadline. The officer can accept your request based on the following criteria:



  • The claim is correct and genuine.
  • The case is based on genuine hardship of merits.
  • A refund has resulted due to excess tax deduction, TDS, advance tax, or self-assessment tax.
  • Any other person cannot assess the tax under the Income Tax Act.


b. For such applications, the returns must be filed within a period of six years from the end of the assessment year for filing the return. For example, if you have missed filing returns on the due date of 31 March 2019, you can file such an application until 31 March 2024.



c. If you have not paid the tax for FY 2017-18, you must pay the tax along with applicable interest under Section 234A, 234B, or 234C. You must pay the tax even if you are unable to file your income tax returns.


d. It may so happen that you have paid your taxes on time but missed to file returns. In this case, you cannot file returns or apply for condonation of delay. The income tax department may issue a notice under Section 271F for not filing ITR. You may have to pay a penalty of up to Rs.5,000 for missing the deadline. If you have a genuine explanation for not filing and if the officer is satisfied with the reason, you may not have to pay the penalty.


e. The income tax department can take legal action against you for not filing returns such as issuing a notice and penalising. In the worst-case scenario, you may be prosecuted and a sentence of imprisonment for up to seven years.


f. If you receive a notice from the income tax department, you must respond to it on the income tax e-filing portal. You can, then, file the ITR to comply with the notice.


g. If you have under-reported the income, a penalty of up to 200% of the tax payable will be levied. In case if the taxpayer has paid taxes with interest after the deadline but has under-reported the income, the assessing officer may excuse his penalty and no penalty will be levied on him.


Though there is an alternative in case you miss ITR filing by the due date, it is recommended to file returns by 31 July of the corresponding assessment year. For eg, you should file your ITR by 31 August 2019 (extended from 31 July) for the FY 2018-19.




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You can't file return for AY 2018-19 now. The due date has been elapsed.


You can file it only if you receive any notice to file the same.

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Generally  you can’t file 

but if have refund then you can file Itr u/s 119 with approval of commissioner 

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- Yes, you can file it after obtaining approval from the commissioner or you can wait for the notice.

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For the AY 2018-19, the last day to file a belated return was 31 March 2019.  You have already missed this due date.  Now you can file return only on receiving notice from Tax officer.

However, to minimize your exposure on interest and penalty, I suggest you compute your tax liability and pay the necessary taxes with interest.  This will at least lead a strong argument before the tax officer that you have did not have any intention to avoid paying tax. 

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Only if you have received a notice from the department to file your return for the concerned year.



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Hello Sir,


You can file the return for AY 2018-19 only receiving notice from income tax department.




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As date had been expired, it can not be filled now.

If you have any refund to claim then take permission of commissioner under sec 119, and on his satisfaction, you can proceed. And if no refund to claim then it can be filled in response to notice only. 


Hope it helps 


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I can file your return.


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