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i have 10 taxis. and two travel taxis.  i have rented them all.. i heard from someone that we need to pay service tax.. ido we really have to pay as i have never paid before
Asked 2 years ago in Service Tax from Delhi, Delhi
Service Tax is certainly payable in your case.

The main theme is that if you are renting the motor vehicle to another person, who is also engaged in similar renting of vehicles, then reverse charge is not applicable and you shall pay the service tax at full rates in respect of the amount charged by the other person.

In other case, if you are providing services by way of renting of motor vehicle to ultimate consumers alone then reverse charge would be applicable. You can also take benefit of abatement as notified vide Notification 10/2014 ST Dt. 11.07.2014.
Shiv Kumar Agarwal
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If your total revenue for year crosses 10 lacs, then you need to get registered under service tax.

Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain
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It depends to whom you provide taxis. if you provide taxi to corporate than no need to discharge service tax if you are non corporate as rcm shall be applicable. other service tax shall be payable if receipts exceeds Rs. 10,00,00/- and registration shall be required if receipts exceeds rs. 9,00,000/-
Vishrut Rajesh Shah
CA, Ahmedabad
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