• Filings in DGFT + GST for Export of Services as a freelancer software developer


I work as a freelancer software developer for multiple clients who live outside India. None of my clients are resident of India and I live in India. I raise invoice against the services provided to the clients. I receive payment from my clients on skrill.com account. I withdraw the funds from skrill.com in the form of EURO to my bank account, once in a month. 

I already have GST and IEC registration.

1> Am I eligible for zero rated GST?

2> Will there be any problem in obtaining eBRC & filing GST, as I am receiving payment from skrill.com to my bank account, instead of directly receiving it from my clients?

3> The invoice I generated includes my client name, address and other details, since I withdraw the payment from skrill.com which is a different company located in a different region. Can this be a problem for me while filing in DGFT to obtain eBRC?

4> Due to withdrawal from skrill.com to my Indian bank accounts, it reflects a single payment on my Indian Bank account. How can I provide multiple invoice details raised against the clients for this single payment reflected on my Indian Bank account to both DGFT and GST?

5> What forms do I need to fill on DGFT website to receive eBRC for the export of services?

I am assuming that eFIRC will be provided by the Indian Bank and I don't need to obtain any other details from the skrill.com. Please correct me if am wrong.

Thank you
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1. Yes, provided that you have FIRC copies to prove that the remittance was received in foreign currency.

2. Kindly contact with your bank and Skrill for the same. There have been issues with obtaining FIRC in may payment gateway systems.

3. FIRC shall be issued by your bank. DGFT provides BRC copies for export of goods.

4. One FIRC may be given for more than one invoice when cumulative payment is received.

5. NA. Contact your bank.

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1. Yes, it would be considered Export Services if you have FIRC to prove the receipt of foreign currency as consideration for services.

2. You need to obtain FIRC. Contact the Skrill com team, they would provide you the FIRC through their associate bank in India.

3. You would need FIRC.

4. You can raise multiple invoices against a single payment from a client and against a single FIRC. You will have to provide invoice-wise details under GST.

Yes, you would need FIRC.

I hope this answer satisfies your requirements. 



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1. Yes you are if you apply for LUT.

2. Do skrill have all details of who paid you the amount and does it match with your invoice?

3. Are you claiming any benefit under any scheme for which you take eBRC?


Yes eFIRC would be provided by bank but for what would that be enough?

Are you talking about GST?


Hope you find the information helpful if you do please rate it 5 and provide your valuable feedback for my improvement.

Thank you.

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1. yes, you are eligible for Zero rated GST subject to obtaining FIRC

2. As long as you receive payment in foreign exchange, obtaining FIRC should not be an issue

3. E-BRC is issued for only export of goods

4. You can check with skrill if you can route all the payment received from clients directly to your Indian bank account.  This could be possible because skrill seems to be on same lines as transfer wise wherein the constiutent bank of transferwise/ skill in India would issue FIRC for the payment recieved.  In this way, you can have individual FIRC for all invoices which will help you substanitate your claim.

5. Refer point 3 above


Thanks and Regards


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Dear Sir,


Hope you are doing well !!




2. No issue.


3.FIRC would be required.




5. Yes. it would be provided by bank.


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FIRC is required obtain  FIRC from skrill.com

In GST complanice invoice wise detail required. 


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1. Yes 

2. No

3. You should ask for FIRC from Indian bank account. Skrill is payment gateway.

4. It is not a problem whiling filing GST returns and further justification to AO

5. Not aware of it.

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