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Good day.

Do I need to file quarterly NIL TDS return ?
 I have not deducted any in April/May/June 2021 .

Can you please tell me if Income tax website iS ready now for filing 15CA and 15CB?

Last month we did not file ...Can you please tell me what to do about last month ?

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1. Yes. In case of NIL TDS return, only declaration needs to filed from Traces portal. No need to create FVU and 27A file.

2. No. Yesterday only date for manual filing to AD has been extended till 15.07.2021

3. You can file it manually now. 

Vivek Kumar Arora
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You can file now as TdS return due date has been extended

15CA CB is manually allowed till 15th July 

Vidya Jain
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1. You need to submit a non-filing declaration in case of nil return on the traces portal.

2. 15CA/CB can be filed manually till 15th July.

3. It can be filed manually now. 

I hope this answer satisfies your requirements. 



CA Hunny Badlani

Hunny Badlani
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1. No Nil TDS return. You need to submit declaration on TRACES for non applicability of TDS.


2. You need to submit the forms manually to AD bank currently.

Lakshita Bhandari
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1.No, Nil TDS return is not required.

2. It can be filed manually till 15th July. In physical form.




Ruchi Goel Anchal
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1. No 

2. You can file it manually

3. You can file it 15 july

Karishma Chhajer
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If you haven't deducted TDS and it was not required then there is no need to file TDS return.


The income tax site is not yet ready for preparation of form 15CA and 15CB. Manual submission has been extended till 15th July 2021 and authorised dealers have also been instructed to accept such manual forms. Refer Press Release dated 05th July 2021 (easily available on the internet)


If earlier 15CA and 15CB forms have not been submitted it is advised that the same should be submitted manually.

Altamush Zafar
CA, Kanpur
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