• Implications of 194JA section and its conection with 44ADA section

I am a medical professional file using 44 ADA regularly.I used to receive most of my payments via 194J 

Last year on-wards i received payments with the 194Jb code...again meant for professional services-those were thus not a confusion. But apart from my work as a medical professional , I also provided technical services (not related to my profession). It was a small part time work that i undertook. But as a result, few of my payments came via the 194JA code.....this is specifically meant for technical services other than professional services. As I understand it, this is how eTDS utility mentions the said section: " 194J(a)- Fees for Technical Services (not being professional services)..."

If I were not a professional(not receiving any professional fees, not receiving payments via 194JB),there would have been no confusion and i would have used either 44AD (presumptive business tax) or filed via non presumptive basis for all the payments received via 194JA. But i am primarily a professional and I use 44ADA regularly (presumptive professional tax).

My questions are?

1)Can i file the amount i received for providing technical services under the head "Income from Other sources"?

2)Can i club both incomes and file under 44ADA if it would not exceed gross 50 Lakh (and supposing i am indeed a professional)?

3)If above two options are not possible. What is the correct way? (I have nothing to show as expense for this 194JA income which amounts to rs.1.25 lakhs)!!

I prefer option no:1 !!! Might i add, I don't have much documentation(like job letter, agreement etc) to show for most of my payments because of the freelancing nature of my job. The only document that I have is 26AS entries for all the payments and form no:16 for some of the payments. So please suggest options practical for me. As i said I prefer option no:1
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 file professional fees as 44ADA AND file technical fee as other income

Anuj Agarwal
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Yes you can club both income and file return under 44ADA.

Ruchi Goel Anchal
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Claim 44AD for technical services and 44ADA for professional services. Income from other sources is a residual head when income does not fall in first four heads of income.


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Vivek Kumar Arora
CA, Delhi
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