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I am filing form 26QB for the payment of 1%TDS on the payment for purchase of property in the joint name with my wife who is not contribution funds. I am ticking the box of joint owner as YES but the system says you need to file another for for joint contributor and does not allow me to continue with 26QB form. What should I do to complete the payment. This problem was not faced in earlier payments which were completed on TRACES site 

Kindly advise
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- If she is not contributing funds then she is not required to file Form 26QB


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If your wife is not contributing funds to the property purchase, she is not required to file Form 26QB. In this case, you should file Form 26QB for both of your shares, and you are responsible for the TDS for both of you.


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The obligation to deduct TDS @ 1% is applicable to the transferee, who is responsible for paying any sum by way of consideration to the transferor (Section 194-IA(1) of the Income Tax Act).

In your case, your wife is not paying any money to the transferor, though she is a transferee. Thus there is no need to deduct any tax. 

However, if she contributes for her share in the property as the transferee, she'll be liable to deduct tax, as the obligation to deduct tax is based upon the total consideration payable to the transferor and not her share of contribution. 

If you are unable to complete the payment of TDS, you may opt to file another form by your wife, indicating her contribution, which is NIL. 

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