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I've 2 trading accounts in USA and I received dividend in those. So, I received total 2 form 1042-S. How to file form 67 for 2 form 1042-S. Can I zip both the files and upload or file separately for each form 1042-s ? How to calculate the conversion rate ?
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Form 1042-S shows tax deducted by transferer, it does not prove amount of tax actually liable to be paid in the USA. You need a copy of tax return filed which shows separately the tax deducted, liability and refunds received.


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Filing Form 67 for Multiple 1042-S

  1. Single Form 67:

    • File a single Form 67 that includes details from both Form 1042-S.

  2. Attach Form 1042-S:

    • Merge both Form 1042-S into one PDF or zip them together and upload as a single attachment.

Steps to File

  1. Calculate Foreign Tax Credit:

    • Sum the income and tax withheld from both Form 1042-S.

  2. Conversion Rate:

    • Use the RBI rate for the date of dividend receipt. Convert each transaction separately if dates differ.

  3. Fill Form 67:

    • Enter the aggregated income and tax in INR using the conversion rates.

  4. Upload Documents:

    • Attach the merged PDF or zip file of both Form 1042-S.


  1. Aggregating Income and Tax:

    • Account 1: Income = $1000, Tax = $150
    • Account 2: Income = $2000, Tax = $300
    • Total Income = $3000, Total Tax = $450

  2. Conversion to INR (Assuming 1 USD = 74 INR):

    • Total Income = $3000 * 74 = INR 222,000
    • Total Tax = $450 * 74 = INR 33,300

  3. Fill Form 67:

    • Enter totals in INR and attach supporting documents.

By following these steps, you can efficiently report your foreign tax credit for multiple Form 1042-S.


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Attach both 1042 in single Form 67. Merge both in 1 file.


Use rule 115 of income tax rules for conversion rate.


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- Attach both the Form 1042-S in single Form 67

- Conversion rate would be the TT buying rate of the last day of the month immediately preceding the month in which dividend was received


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