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Sir, I'm a 32 yr old doctor. I just completed my studies and joined a pvt hospital with a Salary of two lakh fifty thousand per month (30 lakh per annum). TDS deducted is 25,000 per month. I stay away from home but i have a joint HINDU family of 10 members which is closely knit.Out of which 4, including my father are retired. We also get around 20 lakhs per annum as rent on properties owned by my dad and 3 uncles. I'm not married. My major expenditure would be funding my younger brother who is studying in NEPAL (25 lakhs per annum). I'm open to investing or buying property. Kindly advice on how to save tax. Thank you.
Asked 2 years ago in Income Tax from Guwahati, Assam
one suggestion is to buy a residential property which will give good income and good appreciation in value, if such property is purchased out of borrowed funds, the interest on such loan is deductible upto Rs 2,00,000 and Principal repaid us deductible upto Rs 1,50,000. If the property is let out then entire interest amount without any limit is deductible from rental income.
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In your case , since you are a salaried individual ,  your salary will be taxable in your hands . It has nothing to do with your family . Your whole salary income will be taxable as per the law .  Rent on properties may be taxable in the hands of your father or in the hands of the HUF , if there is HUF . It has nothing to do with your salary income .Funding for the study of your brother is not a deductible expenses in the case of salary income . Buying property will not save the tax unless you take a housing loan for this purpose and use it for the self residence . In case given on rent , you can claim the deduction on the interest paid on such housing loan . From salary income you can reduce your tax liability for the HRA, Travelling allowances , Deduction under 80C , 80CCA, 80CCB,80D, 80DD and other section . 80E talks about the deduction of interest on the loan for the higher education of the relatives . Since your brother is not covered under the relative and it is not clear whether you are the legal guardian of your brother or not , so it may not be deductible . 
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can you send your one byone query to our mail id to give you calculations.

The above question is all combined and do not serve any purpose.
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