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About me:

A qualified Chartered Accountant & law graduate provide Accountancy, Audit, Taxation & Legal services including drafting of documentation. We also advise client on Debt restructuring & DRT matters.

  • Income Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • VAT

Saket Jain's Answers

  • Dear Sir/Madam,    If a buyer buys stamp paper for circle rate and registers at a lower consideration value than the circle rate ,need to know what is the implication for the...
  • I bought a house on my wife name who is a house wife & no income ,no job,no assets either  also house loan account is on my wife name as applicant & mine as co-applicant.But...
  • Buying Car

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  • Namastey sir    I have a query whether Franchisee service is taxable or not under the provisions of Service tax?  why the royalty amount come under the service tax. As per...
  • Can he be again appointed in his lifetime in that company?

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  • Hi,         I had taken a property in 1995 and had only GPA and sale agreement, I registered the same in the form of Absolute Sale deed to my Wife in year March 2014 at zero...
  • we are doing a construction activity.  taken a land from the owner and given share of built flats to the landowner.  the service tax is applicable on which basis either the...
  • Hi - if I am earning salary on a foreign land and would want to declare the same to Indian Gov being the citizen of India, can someone please detail the process in myITreturns...
  • Income tax for my mother

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  • I am planning to rent my apartment, and Adding my PAN into rental agreement makes me to pay any tax on it ? I am not living in India now. And I have loan payment is going on my...

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