Service tax on car lease

I am director for a Private Limited Company and I also work for a corporate company. My corporate company has taken car owned by private limited company (Where I myself is director) for me and pays to private limited company on monthly invoices raised. The invoices raised to the corporate company (where I am working) for monthly lease were without service tax, as per service tax chart it appears that the invoices should have raised with service tax @ 5.80 % on 40% of the amount. Queries: 1. Is it correct understanding that the owner of car (private limited company) has to collect service tax on invoices raised to corporate company and pay to government? 2. If yes then how to settle the dues? 3. In case the service tax to be paid then how the tax payment can be done for invoices raised from 1 March 2014 to 31 March 2016 (Invoices are raised on monthly basis for INR 17000 all inclusive). 4. What will be the service tax amount, penalties, interest or any other charges on the total amount INR 17000*25=425000. 5. What will be the last date of payment if payments to be made to government.