Software import : tax | 15 ca cb

Hi, We (Magus) become partner of a UK Firm (HarePoint). This company develops software and sell it across the world through local partners. Q1: Taxes : Scroll down to section : Examples explaining comparison between current tax regime and proposed GST: Our scenario is described in Example no. : 4 Question : No VAT No Service Tax ----- right ----------- what about TDS? Q2 : Compliance : Some of the key changes for furnishing form 15CA & 15CB that have come into effect from 01st April’2016 are: Overall List of Payments where no forms 15CA CB are required is as follows :- - Sl. No. Purpose code as per RBI Nature of payment 10 S0104 Intermediary trade Question : Are we expected to comply with 15CA CB? Bank is insisting. Regards, Deshwal +[deleted]