5 Year old service tax no but never filed return !

i obtained my service tax no on 26/04/2013. it started a courier company and i did ran it for just above one year and due to low response i went abroad for job in nov 2014 and been there till now. now someone told me that i have to surrender my service tax code along with penalty for non filing returns. my overall turnover was even less than 70,000 for the entire time on my current account. please advice me what i should do to avoid any future problems. one ca advised me to stay up and keep quiet as new GST will render service tax no useless and if in future if i want to open any business i should open it on my families accounts and names. but i don't like this idea as i didn't steal any thing or made any black money. i knew then that the service tax is not applicable for turnover below 10 lacks, as i was just college dropout and didn't have any guidance how and when to file returns. i also lost records of my transactions of my business but do have running current account on my business name.