What do I owe

Hello, Thank you in advance for helping me. I am an online freelance graphic designer and I have a few Filipino employees. I do freelance designing for candidates from the US and Europe. I have full control over the pricing of the designs. I am a sole proprietor and receive payment of let's say $2000 a month in my paypal account. Here is what happens after that: => Paypal deducts it's charges and then the amount in USD transfers to my bank => My bank performs a currency conversion (USD to INR) => After a month I pay my Filipino employees which means INR is converted to USD from the funds in my credit card. => This is then loaded into my paypal and I send them lets say $1500 My question is: Am I liable to pay service tax since my income is from outside India and I have full control over pricing? If yes, then Am I liable to pay service tax on the revenue that I received in my bank account ($2000) or am I liable to pay for revenue plus the expense ($3500)? Thank you for your answers