Tds on house rent

Dear associates, I have a question on tds on house rent. I am operating a business (training institute, total revenue is less than 1.5 lakhs) in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am paying rent 15000 for the building where I am operating my business. The building owner said that I have to pay 18% tax along with monthly rental, so the total amount is Rs.15000 + Rs.2700. Out of 18%, he asked me to keep 10% of amount (Rs.1500) as TDS and pay the rest of amount on every mount (Rs.16200). Here my questions are: Am I really eligible to deduct TDS? If so, how and when to pay the same TDS amount to tax department? I was trying to fill, submit and pay the TDS amount through online. But when I am trying to pay from HDFC net banking, it was throwing the saying that invalid financial year. But no where I entered the financial year in the form 29QC, it auto populated based on the date what I entered in "TDS deducted date". I am reading lot of blogs, but I am not understanding how to pay this amount and first of all, am I eligible for deduct tds or not based on my revenue. Someone please help me via email or call me. Thanks Chreddy +[deleted]