GST for dropshipping

Hi have created my online webstore . I had linked with some 10-15 suppliers. I also made fb insta and Whatsapp groups and sell through them. When I receive a order in my website or on my social media groups I forward it to my supplier/wholesaler/manufacturer and make full payment. My supplier/ manufacturer ships the product to my customer.I usually sell a Rs 100/- more than the price I got/ the payment I made to my supplier. I had heard that there where changes made in 23rd gst council meeting according to which I need not hav gst until my sales across 20lacks. But can anyone help me regarding the taxation process involved in the business model I explained and is there any chance that I might not need gst according to 23rd gst Coucil meeting. Here since I make the payment in advance to my supplier that means i brought the product and am reselling it through the people I know . So plz can anyone explain different tax scenarios here or even if I gst under what cretieria or form I should apply for tax return