Tax benefit on Joint Home Loan In case of single Payee

Hello, I and my wife took a home loan in the year 2017 . We are co-owners of this house and co-borrowers on the house loan taken for this house. The EMI is Rs 39000. The interest part is Rs 390000. The principle part if Rs 90000. Now the condition is I am the only one who is paying the entire EMI amount and contribution from my wife's account is nil. In other words, the entire house loan is payed by me. I have read on various websites that 1) "If the husband is the only person repaying the loan, then he can claim the entire tax benefit for himself (provided he is an owner or co-owner). Both the spouse should enter into a simple agreement where wife should be stating that husband will be repaying the entire loan. This applies vice-versa where husband and wife are co-owners of house property and also co-applicants of Home Loan, but all the repayments are done by wife alone." 2) "There may be a situation where you are paying the entire loan installment and the co-borrower is not contributing any payments. In such a case, you may claim the entire interest as a deduction on your Income Tax Return." In case , the property is rented ; I have read on many website that upper limit for claiming deduction on interest is not specified (Say there is no upper limit) Question: In my case, Can i claim the deduction on entire interest i.e Rs 395000 ?? Or will i be limited to a deduction claim of Rs 2,00,000 as said under Sector 24. How to maximize the benefit in this case?