Movement of Goods Inter-State between Production n Trading

Hi, I have a small query relating to movement of Goods through private transporters / Parcel By Bus. I have a manufacturing facility in Chennai and my place of business is in Hyderabad. I usually buy raw material in Chennai itself from various unregistered suppliers and hence I do not get any GST bills. At the manufacturing facility goods are manufactured and then need to be transported by transport services of Lorry/Pvt Buses. Earlier there was no special requirements of transporters but now due to GST and e-way bill enabling, transporters are asking for GST Bill. I cannot provide them GST bill since its not for sale consideration from my manufacturing facility in Chennai to my godown in Hyderabad. How do I move goods between these two places. My Registered business address is of Hyderabad and I have GST number. What kind of document I need to provide these transporters when they ask for it to show to Tax sleuths if and when checked by the tax officials during transportation of goods. Plz help me with the query.