Help with Auditing, Applying for 80G,12A & FCRA for a Trust.

Hello, We have a trust that was established in 2014 and 2017; we amended by making it a full NGO. Under the trust, we are running a School for the last 35 years. We are trying to get 80G, 12A & FCRA made for our Trust. Now before applying for the above, we need to get three years audit report filed to IT. As our school is aided school, half of the teacher's salary is from the government and the other half is given by us. For FCRA, we need to show three years expenditure excluding the administrative fee's to be equal to atleast 10Lakhs; the spending should be towards the aims and objective mentioned in our trust deed. And in our trust deed, we have said purposes as Education, and Charity. Can we show the Salaries as Expenditure towards the aims and objectives, Both the salaries for Aided Staff and Unaided Staff? And also can we process the FCRA by 2-year Audit report? Please reply back, and also please give me some reference to phone/email, so I can reach out to you directly if I have any queries or work. Thank you!