CAR loan availed by company but cost has increased - can apply excess amount in capital loss?

Hello I had availed a car loan in 2013 from my employer under Company owned CAR loan with zero interest, road cost and insurance cost for next 4 years will be incurred by the company. Loan has completed in Jun 2017 but at the end company has entered a perquisite value of around Rs. 2.6L in my salary slip as “Assets transferred to employee” due to which my annual income has increased and tax as well. While same amount had already deducted from my salary as monthly EMI. Total Car cost = 748786 Ex-showroom price = 666641 – Assets transferred to employee 206707 = 459934 Employee paid - Up front charges = 66,664 EMI deduction from salary Rs.12952x48 = 621696 15% residual value = 33,332 Total cost to employee ------------------------- 721,692 ----------------------- Please suggest if can I show this difference amount of Rs. 261,758 in capital loss in my IT return?