Tax refund for buying a car

In the month of Feb 2018 I brought new Maruthi Brezza car of worth 12lakh from one of the Maruthi Suzuki showroom in Bangalore. I had taken a car loan and paid the full amount then. While filing my income tax returns in April, under the TDS section I noticed that a tax of 10,000rs was paid from Maruthi Suzuki dealer , I didn't understand it then and went ahead and filled my tax returns. In income tax portal, it showed I will get a refund of 10,000rs because the dealer had paid the 10,000rs. Recently the car showroom dealer called me and informed 10,000rs had been deducted from the showroom account by income tax department due to not deducting car tax of 1% from me as the car price falls above10 lakh slab. Now the dealer is telling it was their mistake of not deducted tax of 1% initially and the 10,000rs is deducted from his salary. He is requesting me to pay back the 10,000 rs. I have not yet got any refund money from income tax. Should I pay him the 10,000rs or what needs to be done? Please advise me as I don't have much idea about this