US citizen tax liability in India

I am a US citizen. I have been living in India for some time now and have become a Resident Ordinarily Resident for tax purposes for the period April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. I am retired and do not have any income from Indian sources. My income is from (a) pension from Teachers Retirement System in USA, and (b) investments in USA. When I file my Income Tax return in India, do I have to pay taxes on the pension I received from USA? Taxes have already been deducted at source (in US) on this pension. I have some investments in USA which are held jointly with my husband, who is a US citizen and a resident of US. Do I need to report these investments on my Indian return? Do I need to pay taxes in India on the interest or capital gain on these investments? India claims that global income is taxable for RORs, and US claims that global income is taxable for US citizens. Need to know how a US citizen who is an Indian ROR can avoid double taxation. (IRS documents clearly states that a foreign tax that has been paid when it should not be paid will not be allowed as credit. )