Home loan - Tax related query

Hi, I am Pranshu Gupta, regularly filing my tax returns, I'd some doubts and wish to clear the same from your experts. Please find below my scenario & query- Home loan sanctioned/ disbursed on 14th November 2014 from HDFC to my builder: Rs. 30 lakh EMI started on my home loan after 1.5 years e.g. 01 April 2016 (as per my payment plan NO EMI TILL POSSESSION): Rs. 26661 per month However my flat was completed by builder on Oct 2018 and possession taken by my on 30th Nov 2018 I am paying the EMIs from 01 April 2016 to till date. Every year I am paying some pre-payment to reduce my principal amount therefore I am paying more than 1.5 lakh principal amount and more than 2.5 lakh interest amount in each financial year. This is my first home and first time home loan borrower. Property is self-occupied but vacant and located in Gr. Noida. Also, I am living in a different city eg. in Noida and taking HRA benefits. Now my questions are: How much I can claim for principal repayments under 80C? How much I can claim on home loan interest under Section 24? How much I can claim on home loan interest under Section 80EE? Request you to clear my doubts and respond me asap.