Itr form applicable

I was a proposal engineer working in the marketing division of a private firm which undertakes execution of turnkey mineral processing projects. I used to do necessary proposal engineering and BOQ/Cost estimation while quoting for such projects during tendering stage. I superannuated in 2016 but was contracted by my company in 2018-19 as a consultant, to do the same proposal engineering work for a fixed monthly lumpsum pay for a fixed period of six months only. TDS @ 10% was also deducted from my monthly payments. Besides the above, my earnings also includes pensions and annuities/interests from bank/company deposits. No presumptive tax is applicable as my earnings were fixed and I had no income that needed to be estimated. Hence ITR-3 & ITR-4 is probably not applicable. Considering all the above, can I use ITR-1 for filing my returns by showing my consultancy earnings (less expenses incurred for the same, ie., mobile charges, lunch charges & travelling charges) as other sources of income ?