Foreign Tax Credit for US Income and Tax - Federal and State.

I have foreign income from US via salary and my tax got deducted in US. I stayed in India for more than 182 days , so I am resident. I need to file ITR with Resident Status. While calculation of US tax credit can be consider the Federal and State Taxes deducted and get credit for them in India? I see some confusion in the rules regarding the Tax credit for State Taxes in United states which says that State Taxes are not allowed. But I found certain documentation that says even the State Taxes are eligible for tax credit in India. Please refere to below Article before replying. It seems that I can get the Tax credit for US income Federal and State tax deductions both. Please confirm. Also, Can I upload the Salary slips and W2 form as proof of foreign income when I submit Form 67 before filing the ITR 2 form. Are the W2 and Salary slip with Self declaration of the income sufficient. Thank you in advance.