Question regarding GST and Income tax for freelancers working for international clients

I am a freelancer and I have multiple streams of income: 1) I get paid for designing websites for international clients. I receive money on paypal. 2) I am also working as a virtual assistant for an international client and receive payment on paypal. 3) I have a print-on-demand store on teespring and they pay me through paypal. Basically what happens in this type of income is that that I upload my designs on teespring's products like apparel, homeware, and accessories and then teespring shows me the cost of making the product (say $10) and allows us to set the price of the product. Then I set the price of the products(say $20). Then teespring sells it, makes it, ships it, and handles the customer service and at last after collecting the payment from the customers they transfer the profit to our account(which was $10 per product in the above example). We just need to upload designs and teespring will do all the work. (I think this type of income comes under marketing because I am marketing my designs and not shipping the inventory). 4) I promote products of "CLICKBANK"(you must have heard of it, it's very famous) on social media and receive commissions every time someone buys that product. Its affiliate marketing. CLICKBANK sends the payment in INR directly to my savings bank account. ...... So these are my sources of income and my annual earning is less than 20 lakhs at the moment. So what will I have to do: 1) Do I need to get GST? 2) What are the purpose codes of my income? 3) Do I need to get firc? 4) Do I need to get firc for payments receiving in INR directly in my bank account from CLICKBANK? 5) Should I continue to use the savings account for now and then open a current bank account when my income crosses 20 lakhs a year figure?