Code of ethics for chartered accountants

Actually my question is related to "Code of ethics for chartered accountants" I was not able to find suitable category to post my question so I have posted it in Income Tax Category, So I am sorry about that, but please answer as the answer is of much more value to me Question * I am a 43 yrs men, my elder brother is 46, my mother expired in 2018 (3 yrs back), my father went missing in 1994 (27 Years Back) (my age was 16 yrs at that time and my elder brother was 18 complete) * Since my age was 16 years I was not considered as a partner for partnership firm, but my elder brother and my mother along with one more relative of ours started partnership firm. Third partner e.g. the relative left the firm after his tenure of 7 yrs was completed. * The partnership firm was started on the land and building constructed by my father, the license of business is still in name of my father, even property tax. * Father got the land from his father (e.g my grandfather) * The money to build building was put by my father which used to earn from another partnership firm which was started approx 80 years from now * My father’s name is still present in financial statement of earlier partnership firm (80 yrs old) * I and my elder brother are also partner in the old partnership firm (80 yrs old) * At the time my father went missing his land which he got from my grandfather was used for the business which was started 80 yrs back * My elder brother along with my mother utilized the land and building for business activities and purchased multiple lands/real estate from the money obtained (since past 27 years) * I used to do job/service elsewhere and was involved in business with my elder brother and mother. Both always used to deny me to become partner in second firm (past 16 - 20 years) * My father is declared dead by court as me, my brother and mother approached court of law after 9 years my father went missing, and later on my name, my elder brother name and my mother name was included/put in the property card while my father’s name was removed. * Now my elder brother is denying my rights in the land and also the business. He is continuing the business and made his wife as second partner (I mentioned my mother is dead and other partner left) * Also my elder brother is reducing my share to 33% in land and calming 33% share of my mother as mother stated in her will that her share shall be given to my elder brother wife (as per law she is not correct) and he do have his share of 33% for himself * He is also denying that the land was used by earlier partnership firm (80 yrs old) even if is clearly specified in deed and was actually used when my father was present (27 yrs back) * My elder brother is forcing me to sell my share in land to him at very low price and only considering 33% of the land while selling to me and also denying my rights in all other properties purchased from the money earned doing biasness for past 27 years * From past almost 24 years