Audit required for Share Trading

Dear Sir/Madam, In FY 2020-21 I was doing business for CR /HR Sheet trading but due to covid 19 I have shut down my Trading Business and Turnover around 56 Lakh than I have sold two residential property of 40 Lakh and 35 Lakh with Capital Loss than started Share Trading and during Sept 20 to March 21 . I have done share trading on delivery and intraday basis and total turnover for FY 2020-21 was around 10.20 Crore but Profit is only 3.2 Lakh so please confirm me How can I show this investment in my ITR as Capital Gain or Business Income ...If I will show Business Income for Share Trading than I have to audit my account but one of CA confirmed that You can show as Investment and Short Term Capital Gain Tax so request to please confirm. My Second query is that I have received dividend from Cal India and NHPC in my demat account and Coal India and NHPC credit 7.5% TDS in my Broker PAN and Broker deducted the same TDS from my dividend amount but Now Broker is not passing TDS amount on my PAN and replying me that this TDS is belong to you so NHPC and Coal India should deposit directly into my PAN and I contacted NHPC and Coal India but both company reply me that Your broker have not given us any request to deposit tds on share holder account and we already filed TDS return so please contact your broker only . Broker is not reply on my query and neither depositing tds on my PAN than what should I do?? Please confirm me audit is required in my case or not ??