Partnership itr

Hello, i have a question regarding partnership return filing. Let me tell you the situation. ABC is a partnership business having turnover of 18,30,000/- Gross profit is 6,04,077/- Expenses 2,76,108/- Int on capital 80,310/- Profit before partners remuneration 2,47,659/- Partners remuneration is 2,22,000/- Net profit after partner's remuneration is 25,659/- No books of accounts are maintained. So now do i need to file return under section 44AD as the books are not maintained. and if i file under section 44AD than which amount shall i consider as net profit before partners salary or after partners salary. Because if i take after partners salary than i am liable for tax audit also am i right? and if i file ITR file filling balance sheet details and P&L than i am supposed to maintain books of accounts right but i do not have that. If i file ITR 5 and fill no books maintained details than which amount shall i take as net profit? because actual profit after partner's remuneration is 25,659/- only on which i am suppose to pay tax. but than how will i inform that 25,659 is profit after remuneration? i hope you understood the situation. Kindly help me in this situation.