Confused nri status

My situation is as below: -- I came to USA in Nov 2013, since then I have not visited India (as of today July 2016), my company also filed form 30C for me, I have the acknowledgement, but the expected time to stay abroad was mentioned as 1year. -- For in year 2014 july, my company filed tax return in India for me, but did not show the foreign income. -- In 2015 I got some TDS deductions and I got refund by filing ITR1, because I was not in India. -- This year also I am planning to file ITR1 for TDS refund. Questions: ----------- -- On following link I got confused, as what is my status, is it not NRI ? -- This link shows that if I leave India with in intension for uncertain time, then I immediately become NRI, thats my status, but not sure if I can taxfile as NRI ? -- Do I need to convert all my saving account from all banks to NRO ? -- Do I need to mention my foreign bank accounts in some ITR form ? -- Do I need to revise the last 2 years returns, even though it shows that the return is processed in status ?