TDS when buying jointly owned property (Sellers: NRI + Resident Indian)

I am planning to buy an apartment worth 1 Crore in Bangalore. The property is jointly owned by Daughter(NRI) and Father(Resident Indian). Daughter has given a 'Power of Attorney' to the Father stating all the proceeds from sale of this apartment will be collected by the Father. I have the following questions: 1. How is the TDS to be calculated in case the ownership-split between daughter (NRI) and father (Resident Indian) is not specified in the seller's sale deed? (a) Should the ownership-split be assumed as 50-50% in this case? (b) If the sellers declare the ownership percentage as Daughter (NRI) owning 10% and Father (Resident Indian) owning 90% and state the same in the Power of Attorney document, can we consider that as the basis for the payment split and TDS? Do we need any other legal document that confirms this ownership split or will PoA suffice? In this case, can I deduct TDS only for the primary owner (Father)? 2. What other things should I keep in mind while buying in this special case?