Llp filing penalty.

Hi, I was a designated partner in an LLP firm for the period 15 Sept 11'- 1 Sept 13 with a capital contribution of Rs.50,000. The annual filing of statements with ROC + return filing was completed for FY 11-12 on 30/08/12. I resigned from the firm on 1 Sept 13. I did not get the fair share of my profits / assets on resignation / exit, and further I did not withdraw my capital contribution from the firm. Since Sept 13, I have not maintained any form of contact with the partner of the firm, its employees or its clients. However, I have received an email on August 22nd 2016 that since the returns + annual statement filing with the ROC has not been done since 2012-13 and all the years after and my resignation has not been processed at all! The partner has already paid the whole penalty of close to Rs. 4,00,000 but since my resignation has not been processed by him, I am liable to pay him back half the penalties that amount to close to 1.9-2 lakh rupees. However, since return filing is usually undertaken in the month of October, and I had left in September 2013, coupled with the fact that I had not taken my due share from the firm or withdrawn my initial contribution which I am sure would have covered for the April-September period, and most importantly, that I had resigned and exit in Sept 13 itself, I am least interested in paying even one rupee to this person. Kindly advise the way forward at the earliest. Thank you for your time.