Lady & paFinancial Fraud in Canada & 497a( Dowry case ) in India

Dear Sir, The matter doesn't fall in any of the categories mentioned above. It is basically fraud matter. My Son, a PR & daughter in law, a Canadian citizen, have a financial dispute owing to credit card fraud by her foster parents on her credit of six years before marriage in Canada, not revealed and learnt at home loan application stage, seven months after marriage. Our son asked not her not to allow deposit of the default amount in her name, as this would amount to admittance of guilt and adverse effect on their lives together. Unfortunately, to save her foster father, behind his back, she allowed deposit in her name, leading to loss of trust & separation. Other effects on their lives due to her adverse credit score are:- Her Equifax score as of Aug, 2016 is 574 (His score is 760). She was here on minimum wage job. She cannot get no loans. She couldn't be a co applicant in home loan, resulting into extra interest of 500 dollars PM. He had to pick up second job, leaving minimal time for himself. Because he was doing two jobs, he had to refuse promotion in permanent job, loss of 1000 dollars PM. He had to buy a new car with her as co applicant to improve her credit score, outgo of 500 PM. Her credit score is 574 and will stay effected for next seven years. Total resultant loss is 2000 PM. They have been separated since 09 Jan, 2016 are now on the verge of divorce. If he asks for them damages, what all should ask as loss to him would be to the tune of 150000 dollars or so. What are the options available to him? Could you suggest a way? Any references or any other advice. Or if you suggest either a mediator or such person who make them see reason as they are in denial mode, stating that since they have paid up the amount her credit history would automatically clear up soon, little realising that it will not go away for next six years. The hiatus in salary PM and credit score are as under:- His salary 75000 dollars. Credit score- 760 Her salary-18000 dollars Credit score-574 All home loan, vehicle loan and outstanding credit credit card amounts are his name as banks and others wouldn't extend her no loans. He is doing two jobs and paying all loan installments as she has walked out in Jan, 2016 without not much of possibility of reconciliation whatever. He is in financial and emotional distress due to this financial, emotional trauma and expected loss of trust in relationships at large, with eventual possibility of depressive disorder though at this, stage he is coping well as we were able to travel and join him within a week of separation to support him in this hour and extending his financial support to the extent possible. Query II Though she & her foster parents are Canada citizens, she has now traveled to India, filed a 498a( dowry case ) against us in Rajasthan, the place she belongs to, whereas the marriage took place in Punjab! How do we fight her? For your advice pl