Income tax notice for housing society regarding conveyance deed

During year 2009, our Housing Society got the ownership handed over by the Builder (promoter) via Sale Deed (Conveyance Deed), The housing society is a combination of 6 sub-societies, each one having their own Chairman and Secretary In the conveyance deed, it is mentioned that a certain sum of total amount is paid by all flat owners to the Promoter. The conveyance deed is signed by all the Secretaries and Chairman of societies. I was the Secretary of one of the society. In Apr 2015, our society management is changed and I no longer hold the position of Secretary. In Sep.16, I got a notice from incometaxindia regarding non-PAN transaction for purchase of immovable property… and it gives reference to the Society Conveyance Deed, which is regarding the amount mentioned as “paid by all flat owners to the Promoter”. The existing Secretary says that the notice is on your name, so the existing society management is not responsible to handle. How should I respond to the notice ?