Tax implications on selling of redeveloped property.

I have surrendered my old property in Dadar to builder for redevelopment in 2012. He didn't gave us alternate permanent accommodation for redevelopment period instead he paid us rent for almost more than 3 year on monthly basis. Now the redevelopment had been done and I have received new house in January 2016 along with occupation certificate after few months. I want to sell my new house for purchasing another house. My questions are, 1) What are the tax implications on surrendering my old house for redevelopment? 2) Can I say, there is right to receive established on my part to receive new house on surrendering old house? if yes, then that right can be considered as capital asset? 3) What are the tax implications on selling my new house received in January 2016 for purchasing new one? 4) What will be the holding period for new house? Period between old house to occupation certificate can it be considered? OR starting from new agreement date till the date of sale of redeveloped property?