relief u/s 89

sir, I Bhateri Devi a family pensioner received arrears in FY 2006-07 for past years.I have claimed relief u/s 89 and file ITR in AY 07-08.For AY 08-09,09-10,10-11,11-12 I have not file ITR bcs my income is below taxable income.In FY 11-12 I have received arrears for 05,06,07.I claimed relief u/s 89 but not submit form 10E.Again in FY 12-13 i have received arrears for 06,07,08,09,10,11,12.Again i have claimed relief u/s 89 but not submitted form 10E.I have gotten notice from income tax 2014 but not taken care of it.Now i have received arrears in FY2016-17 for previous years eg 06,07,08,09,10,11&12.Now i want to know 1. can I refile the ITR of AY13-14 bcs I have wrongly claimed relief u/s 89. 2. Which amount to show in form 10E for previous years,amount actually received or with arrears (received in AY12-13 & 13-14) 3. If I show the amount with arrears then tax is applicable in those years when I have not paid tax. 4. If I show the amount with arrears then current year income will exceeds the actual income. 5. Can I calim standard deduction of 1/3 or 15000 whichever is less for AY 06-07,07-08,08-09,09-10,10-11,11-12,12-13 and relief u/s80c for AY 2013-14 for the purpose of form10E (can I show the taxable income after standard deduction in Form 10E) pls help me out of this situation. Thanx Bhateri Devi