Sale of apartment in Gurgaon

- I bought an apartment in Gurgaon March 2004 for Rs. 16.5 Lacs from Army Welfare Society (AWHO) through a sale agreement - For purchasing the apartment I took a loan from IDBI Bank. The loan was only in my name - I was the sole applicant - In February 2008, the sale agreement was registered in Gurgaon court through a conveyance deed. The conveyance deed was executed by the AWHO in favour of my wife and me, We paid stamp duty of Rs. 2 Lac for the registration. - In 2010, I fully repaid the bank loan and collected the property papers from the bank - Now if I want to sell the apartment in whose name will the buyer give the cheque #My understanding is that buyer will have to write two cheques- one in my name for half of the sale amount and the other in my wife's name for half of the sale amount- as both our names appear on the conveyance deed. Is that correct? #If that is true, I wanted your advice on what will be the implication on capital gains - My wife has so far not paid any consideration for the purchase of the apartment but she will receive half of the sale consideration as the apartment is in both our names. Will she have to pay tax on the entire amount or will there be a different treatment? - What will be the tax implication for me