Property Holding tax to Rourkela Municipal Corporation

It may be kindly noted that the property holding tax pertain to holding no C.269 which has been massively excess billed to so many holds which is not at all any fairness in assessment to property holding Id C.269. As per the substantial verification and reconciliation into the revenue record at Rourkela Municipal Corporation office, the same may be verified that the adjacent holding 50 properties with 3 or 4 storied building existing at least 4000 sq ft since past 10-years and multiple heterogeneous families living in the adjacent plots with commercial interest attached to owners of houses meagre amount of property holding tax paid to RMC Rourkela government exchequer ; whereas to my residence with 1000 sq ft built-up area purely owner occupied for only self-residential purpose without any Commercial interest derived at all. This tax anomaly and concerned circle citizens civic services are pending for 8-years years together. More than 20-times petitions have been submitted to the good office Commissioner, Rourkela Municipal Corporation for kind perusal till date with many times follow up for redressal.BUT NO RESOLUTION. Please help me for earliest resolution to the 8 years prolonged issues