Queries related nri status

Hi, From Last Financial Year (2016-17) I became a NRI. When I was a resident Indian I have opened multiple savings account in my name and in my spouse name. In both our accounts our names are included as the second holder and we operate as E or S. Now my query here is can I continue with my Domestic Savings A/c with my spouse (She is a Resident Indian) as a second holder. I do get Rental Income & FD Interest which is remitted in my Domestic Savings A/c I have opened have a PPF Account when I was resident Indian and on monthly basis I am doing auto transfer from my Domestic savings A/c to my PPF A/c. Whether I can continue PPF Account remittance ? From my NRE Account I used to transfer funds to my A/c and my wife A/c for the operational expenses, Savings & Loan Payments. Whether I have to pay any taxes for that. Why I ask in particular I work in Saudi Arabia where there is No Income Tax Concept and my savings in Saudi I transfer from my Overseas Bank to my NRE Savings A/c. From there I transfer to my A/c as well as my Spouse Domestic Savings Account. Regards Murugappan