44 AD or 44ADA for software development business

Hi I read your answers and it helped me to understand 44ad and 44ada . I need some help in my case too. kindly help I am a software consultant add works as a freelancer on upwork.com. my receipts are between 15 lakh to 30 lakh. but my wife works with me as a data entry operator and my brother also works as content writer . some other software professional friends also works with me on projects . all payment came in my account . I want to file ITR with presumptive income scheme under 44 AD. kindly help with below queries . i will be very very thankful to you . 1. can i file under 44 AD because apart from professionaly i worked as a businessmen also ? 2. my wife did not have bank account till now .Her payment was also kept in my bank account . so how i declare that for previous years . or please help if there is something that a couple can file ITR and can take double deduction benefits like 5 lakh tax free instead of 2.5 lalk. 3. In 2015-2016 i got project payment but my team mates are still working on those projects . i will pay them once project will complete in next few days . how to handle that . kindly help Thanks Kuldeep