tax on settlement received for EL & Superannuation resignation

Dear sir/Madam, I resigned my previous company after 5.4 years of service & joined a new company. I have received following settlement from previous company 1. Rs 1,02,000/- for superannuation withdrawal after deducting 10% of tax at source (1/3 rd of amount). 2. Rs. 1,30,000/- for EL encashment after deducting 10% of tax at source. 3. Rs. 97,000/- of gratuity amount (Tax is not deducted at source). TDS traces for Superannuation & EL encashment (item 1 & 2 above) are there in the section of ITR-1 filing. I have read in few blogs that EL encashment after resignation upto 3 lakh is tax exempted. (sec 10 (10 A) in which column I should claim for refund in ITR-1 filing? is superannuation received is taxable? should the superannaution amount shown as income while filing ITR-1? including present company salary, the tax slab for superannuation amount goes to 20% slab? Am I suppose to pay 10% extra Tax? request you to give your advice for the above points. Thank you. Chethan