Do i have to pay tax on income which i transferred to india

Hi Team, Thanks for your support always. I don't have much knowledge about taxation rules. This if my first onsite assignment. I have been deputed to client location Denmark (Copenhagen) on 25th October 2015. I have been getting indian salary without deducting tax and onsite salary+allowances both into danish bank account in DKK. The onsite salary which i get is after deducting all the taxes. I'll be flying back to india on 27th Feb 2016. As my departure is coming i'm coming across so many questions. Request you to please answer below my queries: 1. Do i have to pay tax on indian salary? I think yes but would like to hear from you. 2. Do i have to pay tax on salary which i transferred into my india account from my danish bank account? This is the important query please assist me in simple terms. 3. What is the procedure if i have to pay tax on amount which i transferred into india account. Do i have to show separate amounts like indian salary/onsite salary? 4. What is DTAA how i can be benefited with it? Request you to please help me with above queries. In case of any issues please let me know. Thanks and Regards Liladhar Badgujar