Defective return communication u/s 139(9)

I am an individual engineering service consultants, I m getting income under 194J , as a consultant to an Engineering firm. I had filed my ITR of AY 2017-18 via ITR 4S PRESUMPTIVE BUSINESS AND PROFESSION RETURN. but now i have got notice for defective ITR , reason is written as below ----- error code 89 -- stating that the provision of section 44ADA is not applicable you.The nature of bussiness code in sch NOB is not profession( i had used code 0703 - consultancy services ) and income disclosed under 44ADA is more than zero hence section 44ADA is not applicable to you. In other column of possible resolution following is written " The provisions of Section 44ADA is applicable only to Professionals with nature of business codes of 601 to 607. Taxpayer is requested to furnish correct Return Form type,i.e.ITR- 3 or ITR- 5 as applicable. If the Income has been disclosed under incorrect Section, the correct Section of the Schedule BP may be filled. If the Nature of Business code entered in the Return filed is not correct, the correct nature of business Code may be entered in the Sch NOB and the Corrected Return may be filed." So what should i do now ?? Pl guide.