Nro non repartriable demat account

I have been trading through my NRI PIS account for the last 8 years . All the transactions done by NRE funds only. As on 15th Oct all the credit & debits done through NRI PIS. On 18th I have sold some of my old portfolio holdings including some shares with splits/bonus/dvr allotments. Still the bills are pending becuase they are telling all my holdings are in NRE Non repartiable demat acoount and can process through NRO account only( i have opened NRO PIS account also which is not operational now). When I checked my holding statements it is mentioned as NRE non repartiable only. They told this issue is noticed when I sold the shares with corporate actions. Even they told I cant change the status of the demat account.They didnot told whose mistake it is either broker or the bank. So I would like to know the clarifications for the following doubts from the experienced members those who works in the same field. 1. Is there any significant differnce between the trading through NRI PIS & NRO PIS ( Not bothered about the AMC, brokerage, dp charges) 2. If the trading done through NRO account, whether ITR to be filed if the profit is more than 2.5 Lakhs per year. 3.Is there any official forum to raise the complaint this issue? I would apreciate if any one can give the clarifications, Thanks in advance