Non Filing of lncome Tax Return for NRI

Hi My Father is an NRI workinjg in UAE for the last 35 years. Recently my father received a letter from Income Tax for ‘Non Filing of lncome Tax Return’ Below is the letter Subject: Non Filing of lncome Tax Return 1.The lncome Tax Department has received information on financial transactions/activities relating to you. A list of some of the information for Financia-Year 2014-15 is provided below. As per records, you do not appear to have filed lncome Tax Returns for Assessment year(s) 2015-16. 2.You are requested to furnish your response in the Compliance Module on the e-filing portal at lf you are not registered with e-filing portal, use the ‘Register Yourself’ link to register. The response to this letter has to be submitted electronically by clicking on the ‘Compliance’ link after logging into the e-filing portal. You may keep a printout of the acknowledgement of submitted response for your own record. 3.A copy of the acknowledgement is required to be submitted to the office of the undersigned within 20 days of receipt of this letter failing which appropriate proceedings under lncome Tax Act,1961 may be initiated. lnformation Summary for PAN XXXXXXXXXXXX ———————————————– 2014-15 CIB-403 Time Deposit exceeding 2,00,000 with a banking company 2014-15 TDS-195 TDS Return – Payment to Non-residents (Section 195) When i checked Form26AS for AY2015-16 i could see some entires under ‘PART A – Details of Tax Deducted at Source’ But this total amounts to only Rs 45/- as shown in Form 26AS. Please let me know what should be done in this case. Why we received this letter from Income tax this Dec 2017, ..even if its for FY14-15. Please help me how to respond to this notice.