paid demand not reflecting, and demand amount keeps on changing

A demand was raised on me for AY 2016-17, which I paid. The initial demand was raised for 40,090 rupees, which changed to 25,452 rupees after some days. I paid the demand after which again new demand with new DIN of 762 rupees was raised which I paid again.(I have demand closed notification with CRN for both demands. But even after paying the demands, the demand of 40090 rupees with same DIN again started showing on incometaxefiling website. I consulted someone and they said that it is technical glitch in their website and will be cleared in some time. But it kept on showing and when I filed return for AY 2017-18, the demand persisted and it is even present in the ITR for 2017-18. I was supposed to get 30,750 rupees but instead of refunding the amount, they are asking me to pay the previous year's demand, which I already paid! Also, the demand amount keeps on changing on the website. Previously it was 40,090 , today it is displaying as 9,340 rupees. I raised a grievance on incometaxefiling website and I was asked to file rectified return. The response was - Dear Taxpayer, payment details of Self Assessment Tax was not entered in Schedule IT or TAX PAYMENT while filing the return. Request you to fill the same PLEASE RE-ENTER DETAILS OF ALL CREDIT IN SCHEDULE. IT OR TAX PAYMENTS, INCLUDING ENTRIES MENTIONED IN THE ITR FILED EARLIER, SO AS TO GET FULL CREDIT and file online rectification by logging on to For further information, please Go to "Help tab" ->" Rectification". If you are still not able to file online rectification, kindly contact e-filing Help Desk on [deleted]. I have already got two online intimations and also got a letter at home for paying the demand. Please let me know how can I proceed with filing the rectified return for this. And how can we be sure that after filing the rectified return, the demand will disappear from the efliling website, and it is not a glitch at their end( as the demand amount keeps on changing) . Please help me on this. Willing to have online/telephonic consultation. Please let me know. Thanks