Query on Capital Gain tax - treatment of cost of Improvement

QUERY ON CAPITAL GAIN TAX - One Public Ltd Co. (Unlisted) has got a Plot of Land (about 37 acres ) near Bengaluru, which was purchased in 2006 for about Rs.101 lacs. - Thareafter, to protect the Land from encroachment etc., the Company constructed a Boundary Wall cost of which came to about Rs.225 lacs, duly supported by vouchers and bills. - In the current Financial Year i.e. 2017-18, the Company sold the whole of land to various buyers (about 25 persons) in small and big plots for total consideration of about Rs.2000 lacs, but the buyers did not pay for ‘Boundary Wall’. - In the Conveyanace Deeds executed between the Company and the buyers, there is no mention of Boundary Wall, as they have purchased only Land as such. - In the Certificate of Circle Rate taken from the Office of Registrar also, they have given Certificate for valuation of Land only. - In other words, cost of Boundary Wall has to be perhaps written off in the books of a/c. of the Company as the Boundary Wall is of no use for the Company now. - Under such circumstances, whether cost of Boundary Wall can be treated as ‘Cost of Improvement’ so as to claim deduction for the same, while computing ‘Capital Gain’ chargeable to tax ?