Guidance required

Dear Sir, I have not filed return for the assessment year 16-17 & 17-18 and now I am getting reminder through E mail & SMS to file the return as 31st March, 2018 is the last date & after ward I will not be able to file the return. I need your guidance as my case is described below. I was working in gulf from 01/11/2014 to 31/12/2016 and holding status of NRI during the accounting year 15-16 & 16-17. I would like to let you know that during the Accounting year 15-16 (ass year 16-17) my Indian income was Rs. 107419 through FD & NCD interest and during accounting year 16-17 (ass year 17-18) my Indian income is Rs. 97668 through FD & NCD interest and some pension. Now I have below query. 1. Do I need to fill or file return for assessment year 16-17 & 17-18 in spite of reminder from Income tax dept. as my Indian income falls below minimum limit of Rs. 2.5 lacs? 2. I do not see any harm If I fill ITR1 Sahaj. If I decide to fill the form ITR1, what status I should mention in the column/Tab Residential status , should it be NRI or Resident Indian ?. because during both the accounting period I was NRI & at the time of filing or filing the return, I am resident Indian. I mean I am resident Indian from 01/01/2017 onward. I need your help & expecting your reply addressing above queries. Regards, Kishorkumar Shah