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Hi. Is LTCG on scrip to scrip basis or is it for the whole capital gain for the year? Eg. If I have 5 stocks. And I make 30k gain in all of them individually in one year. So will my ltcg for the year be charged on 50k (150000-10000) or will I be exempted coz I made only 30k per scrip.
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The limit of 1 lac is on aggregate basis. You will have to pay tax on 50k as per the newly introduced budget.

Please feel free to call/ revert in case you need more clarity.

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Abhishek Dugar


Abhishek Dugar
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The exemption is on aggregate basis. You will have LTCG of 50k and will have to pay taxes accordingly.

Lakshita Bhandari
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It is on aggregate basis and hence you will be charged on 50k.

Hope lt clarifies.

Nikhil Khanna
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Your LTCG will be charged on 50k.

Harsh Kumar Garg
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LTCG is not calculated on script to script basis. It will be calculated for all scripts.

For the purpose of calculating taxable LTCG, cost price will be higher of purchase price or highest price as on 31 Jan, 2018

Sourabh Maheshwari
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If all of them qualify for long term capital gains any they are eligible for exemption then no scrip wise calculation is required.

However, if they are not eligible for exemption, then to compute their period of holding, the gains from the stocks with different purchase and sale dates are computed separately.



Damini Agarwal
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It will be taken on annual basis not scrip basis.


CA Sourabh Pahuja

Sourabh Pahuja
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As per new section 112A inserted by the finance bill 2018, the LTCG accruing to an assessee being in the nature of transfer of capital asset being equity shares in a company, aggregate of which exceed Rs. 1 Lakh shall be taxable at the rate of 10%.

Hence, LTCG basic exemption shall be calculated for aggregate of Rs. 1 Lakh and not scrip wise.

As such, if you transfer five scrips, aggregate LTCG on which exceeds Rs. 1 Lakh, shall be taxable @10%.

However, if you make profit on 1 scrip and loss on other scrip, both of which are in the nature of Long Term Capital Gain/ Loss, shall be allowed to be set-off against each other and then aggregate of Rs. 1 Lakh shall be taken into consideration for the purpose of imposition of LTCG Tax @10%.

Hope your query stand clear.


Sunny Thakral
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No it is for one year and not scrip wise.

Shyam Sunder Modani
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It is for whole capital gain

Swati Agrawal
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LTCG proposed in the union budget 2018 is for capital gains made from equity investments and units of equity oriented MF. So it will be taken as a whole. It is not scrip to scrip or scheme to scheme basis. Even if you have LTCG on equity investment as well as on sale of Mutual fund units, you have to pay tax on combined gains in that financial year.

In your example, LTCG tax will be 10% of 50000 (150000-100000)

Dikshit Jain
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LTCG will be calculated on overall basis and not on scrip to scrip basis.

Vivek Kumar Arora
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The total Capital Gain made in a particular Financial Year in excess of Rs. 1 Lakh will be taxable. Capital Gain is calculated per Stock and then aggregated to determine the limit of Rs. 1 Lakh.

In your Example, you'll have to pay tax at 10% on 50K if the date of sale is on or after 1-Apr-18

Pradeep Bhat
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You need to arrive at LTCG scrip wise.

B Vijaya Kumar
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At present, the capital gain on sale of shares held for more than a year is exempt.

Bharat Poplani
CA, Zirakpur
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