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I want to buy a house in my wife's name. She is a house wife. Can I get tax benefit on the interest and principal amounts. Is there any specific clause for this. 
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Dear Sir,

To avoid the litigation in future, become co-owner and get the benefit of interest and principal deduction.


Vivek Kumar Arora
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You will not be able to claim the benefit if the property is only in her name.

Better idea is to become the co-owner and then the benefit can be claimed by either or both of you.

Hope that clarifies.

Nikhil Khanna
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Tax Law: The deduction for interest and principal amount is available to the owner of the house. By owner, the income tax covers the individual who bears the cost of the house.

In your case, you can buy the house in wife's name. But you will get the deductions only if you are bearing the cost. The following things need to considered:

1. You should be able to prove that you have paid the down payment.

2. Your bank account must show entries that you are bearing the whole principle and interest amount in respect of the home loan taken.

3. If the payments will be made from her account, then for such amounts, she can claim the deductions in her tax return.

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Damini Agarwal
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In order to claim all tax benefits, you need to be a co-owner in the property, a co-applicant in the loan and pay the installments from your account.

Registering a property only in your wife's name would not entitle you to the tax benefits.

Lakshita Bhandari
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If you buy house in your spouse name then she can claim the benefit of interest and principal, how ever if the house is in joint name then both of you can claim interest benefit and principal benefit from your income. It is better to advice that whose having more income slab should own the house so that he or she can claim interest and principal benefit.

Also if this is 2nd house then she can claim full benefit provided she has to file income tax refund and that house should be self occupied by her.

Amrut Deshmukh
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Only owner of Property can claim Deductions for Principal and Interest on Housing Loan. So, if you want to claim IT benefit, buy the house either only in your name or jointly with your wife

Pradeep Bhat
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For getting the benefit of deduction u/s 24(b) and 80C of Income Tax act, the loan must be in your name . but you can take a joint loan also with your spouse in that case you can get the part benefit of the above section. so it advisable to take the loan on your name. and enjoy the following benefits

1. Deduction upto Rs. 200000 us 24(b) - For self occupied property.and

2. Deduction upto Rs. 150000 us 80C

You can also claim deduction u/s 80C for Stamp duty and Registration Fees paid.


CA Rakesh

Rakesh Kumar Thakur
CA, Kolkata
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No, You can take the house in joint name. In that case you can get the tax benefit for the aomunt paid towards interest and loan

Vidya Jain
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While applying for loan, you have to declare yourself as co-borrower. In this case you will be allowed all the income ta benefits, irrespective of the fact that house is registered in your wife's name. Please take care that your wife does not have any separate taxable income.


Sunny Thakral
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No, you can get benefit of interest and principal amount until or unless you are at least a co owner of the house.

Please feel free to call/ revert in case you need more clarity.

Thanks and regards

Abhishek Dugar


Abhishek Dugar
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It is advisable to ensure that the house is in the name of the person who will be taking the loan and wants to claim the tax benefit. It would be better if you buy the house jointly with your wife and then you can claim the full benefit of the interest and principal.


Keerthiga Padmanabhan

M.Com., CA, LL.B

Keerthiga Padmanabhan
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Since the house is bought by her and the loan shall also be in her name, then only she can claim the tax benefit. In case you want to claim the interest deduction then buy the property in Joint Name.

Trust this clarifies your query.

Feel free to call / get back in case of further clarifications.

Thanking You.


Rohit R Sharma


Rohit R Sharma
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yes if you are bearing the cost of house like down payment and emi payment ,you can take the benefit but make sure you have sufficient documents to prove the payments when inquired.

it is advisable to be co-owner and enjoy tax benefit of Interest and principle repayment.

Swati Agrawal
CA, Mumbai
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